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With pregnancy, the body experiences many changes, including postural changes, increased load on the pelvic floor, and laxity of ligaments. Such changes can cause back pain and pelvic floor issues. Muscle weakness may also lead to urinary incontinence and difficulty activating core muscles. Also, during the delivery process, you may need to undergo a procedure that might result in a scar, such as a c-section or an episiotomy, which can cause restrictions in the myofascial system of the body. We use specific myofascial, visceral and scar-release techniques to eliminate these restrictions and prevent your myofascial system from being further compromised.

Some women also might suffer from diastasis recti, also known as abdominal separation, which can interfere with a strengthening of the abdomen muscles and cause the belly to “pooch.” Our therapists use the latest evidence-based clinical knowledge in the field to address this issue.

Healing Hands Physical Therapy offers pre- and post-natal treatment to help new mothers adapt to the changes their bodies experience in the process of pregnancy and childbirth and address problems that may arise during this time.

You don’t need to suffer after delivery. By including physical therapy in your prenatal care, you can be better prepared for one of the biggest challenges in a woman’s life, delivering and caring for a baby.

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