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There is a dangerous trend of equating an injury with how visible the problem is. A broken bone or a torn ligament is going to create a more visible scenario, but this isn’t a failsafe way to judge an injury. When an athlete blows out their knee it becomes something that everyone can see, the pain on the player’s face merely confirms what everyone else is already thinking: that injury is real, that injury is painful, that person is going to need medical attention.

Head injuries aren’t typically as visible. When someone hits their head on TV, they may become unconscious for a moment or they may be able to stand up right away. They might look dazed or need a moment to regain their ability to think straight, but may walk off the field just fine. The injury may not look as serious and too often it isn’t treated as seriously. In everyday life, however, these traumatic brain injuries - which may result from a fall, a sporting event, a car accident or a direct blow to the head - can severely impact a person’s quality of life for several months.  Following a brain injury, concussion therapy is necessary to ensure that there is no lasting damage following the trauma and to ensure that the brain can regain optimal functionality.   

Concussions, if left untreated, can inhibit growth in young children and bring on early dementia for older patients. Fortunately, the physical therapy field is continually discovering new ways to help patients suffering from long-term concussion complications.  

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