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Our Story


Our mission at Healing Hands Physical Therapy (HHPT) is to provide high-quality care to our community. HHPT treats each patient as a whole with goals of increasing function, decreasing pain, and improving quality of life.

Our Story

The story of Healing Hands began in 2001 when Amira, our owner, came back to Ann Arbor after working and studying in the UK. She studied CranioSacral Therapy (CST) along with other therapeutic modalities, and wanted to work in a nurturing and healing environment. After speaking with her peers about recent healthcare developments she learned that healthcare was emphasizing the quantity of patient visits over the quality of care.  This was too often at the expense of each patient’s individual needs, and looked to her like a “patient has to fit the model” rather than “the model has to fit the patient” system.

Amira was quite idealistic and wanted to change the world “one patient at a time.” She believed in taking the time to really listen to her patients, and in order to fully heal the body a holistic approach was needed.

Amira was passionate about bringing her holistic physical therapy approach to the Ann Arbor community and  decided to open her own little physical therapy clinic where she could be independent. She wanted to be the best therapist she could be, to provide the best therapy available to her patients and empower them to be the best that they could be.

She started Healing Hands Physical Therapy in 2001. Her first patient was referred by an acupuncturist in the community and the rest is history.

In the intervening years, Healing Hands Physical Therapy has gone through many changes and growth. What started with one therapist has become a full team of elite therapists at the top of their field. Each of our physical therapists are experts of the human body, and share Amira’s holistic ideology. As we believe that a patient may benefit from a range of modalities, we work as a team to co-treat our patients and provide truly comprehensive treatment strategies. This holistic approach utilizes more treatment methods and philosophies than conventional physical therapy, and facilitates an effective and more complete healing process to benefit our patients.

At Healing Hands Physical Therapy, our patients always come first. We continue to uphold our mission by supporting our staff to continually learn, improve and be the best therapists they can be.

At Healing Hands we believe we can improve the world by doing our part – with vision, integrity, and a lot of care.  Our motivation comes from improving our patients’ lives. We are always amazed at the possibilities for returning to optimal health and how the human body, once given the opportunity, can heal itself.

We feel honored to take part in our patients’ healing journeys and we see our patients’ successes as our success!

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